Anna-Lisa Ptolemy, BA

I am the person behind Arbordell Editing. I have a linguistics degree and 12 years of editing experience. My degree includes a minor in Spanish, and I have taken graduate-level courses in ancient languages such as Hebrew and Greek.

I am an active member of Editors Canada, and continue to pursue new editing skills and techniques.  I enjoy learning about new subjects as I edit, and believe my genuine interest in understanding new concepts will help you achieve maximum readability for your audience.  I have a keen eye for simple errors easily missed and take pride in making sure the writing I edit ends up clean and clear. 

I live on an acreage named Arbordell outside Edmonton Alberta, Canada, with my carpenter husband, three children, my parents, and two cats.  This acreage is the inspiration for the name of my business, and is the setting in which I will work to make your next project the best that it can be.

I look forward to working with you!