Welcome to Arbordell Editing

Welcome to Arbordell Editing!

I am an academic editor with 12 years experience and a linguistics degree. Let me add polish and clarity to your words and ensure your ideas come through as clearly as possible.  I sharpen arguments and clarify main points, and notice spelling errors, typos, and other proofreading issues that can be the difference between good and great writing.

I have edited book manuscripts, book proposals, book reviews, journal articles, and course materials. I also edit blog posts, social media content, and newsletters, and believe these smaller projects are just as important as book manuscripts. 

I am passionate and tenacious about each project I undertake, and I truly enjoy the challenge of every aspect of editing.

Anna-Lisa Ptolemy, BA

Professional Editing Services

  • Structural Editing
  • Stylistic Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Proofreading

This type of editing involves a broad and overarching evaluation of your manuscript, article, essay or post. I will look for ways to better shape and organize your writing and for things like unnecessary repetition of arguments or ideas.

This is editing for clarity of meaning, proper flow, and general style. I will look for ways to eliminate wordiness, clichés, and awkward phrasing. I will make sure your writing includes a variety of sentence types, and ensure tone and level of formality stay consistent throughout your entire text and are appropriate for your audience.

Copy editing is concerned with good mechanical writing and prevents your readers’ loss of interest due to simple grammatical errors. I will look for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and  continuity and consistency issues.  For example, do you always spell out numbers one through ten, and then use numerals for 11 and higher? If you have chosen to hyphenate “built-in”, I will make sure you do so for every usage. I will also ensure you do not use the same word three times in two sentences.

This is a final going-over of your text before submission, publication, or posting. I will look for otherwise missed errors in spelling and punctuation and for outright typos. I will double-check the accuracy of cross references, captions, diagram titles, footnotes, image locations, and hyperlinks.


If you feel I could be a good fit for your project, contact me today!